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Smoky Mountains amusement parks? There's only one, right? Dollywood. While Dollywood may be the most well-known, the Smokies boast a whole list of amusement and theme parks each with its own special brand of entertainment. Whether it's just you and your significant other or the whole family, there are enough thrills and chills for everybody.

Camp Thunder Fun Center

This amusement park certainly lives up to its name. Across the street from Ripley's Aquarium and just before the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Camp Thunder is one of Gatlinburg's hottest tickets.

Start your day of adventure when you strap in to a gas-powered mini-racecar. You'll hit speeds of up to 25 miles per hour as you skid through sharp turns and outmaneuver the other drivers on the course. This is Gatlinburg's fastest slick track. But Camp Thunder won't leave the little ones out. Family two-seater carts are also available so everybody can ride. You'll walk away with your adrenaline pumping and a desire to do it one more time.

Camp Thunder is also famous for its Rock Motion Ride. "The Rock" is a motion simulator that puts you right in the middle of two adventure movies. You'll feel every bump, rock, roll, swerve and drop as you travel through these virtual-reality journeys.

You simply can't leave without giving the mini-golf course a try. Eighteen holes depict the sights and sounds you'd find in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and offer hours of fun.

Best of all, Camp Thunder is an indoor amusement park making it perfect for any day, rain or shine.

The Space Needle

A space needle? Like the one in Seattle, Washington? Not something you'd really expect in Gatlinburg, is it? But there it stands: Over 400 feet high and providing the most spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and city. So you take the ride up, see the sites and leave? Not hardly!

The Space Needle is also home to Arcadia, a two-story, 25,000 square foot fun center. The arcade features all your long-time favorites including skeet ball, fooze ball, air hockey and pinball along with today's hottest new video games.

Rather rid the earth of the forces of evil and doom? Pick up a laser tag saber and go for it! Battle every foe and win with safe laser phasers that blast through the air. Hop aboard a virtual-reality rollercoaster when you're done for some real ups and downs that will leave you breathless. End your day with exceptional food and snacks at the Slice of Heaven restaurant located on-site.

NASCAR, Dollywood and Ober Gatlinburg

Of course, the most well-known amusement parks are the NASCAR Speed Park, Dollywood and Ober Gatlinburg.

NASCAR, located in Sevierville, dishes out eight action-packed tracks plus speedway simulators and bumper boats. With an on-site arcade and restaurant, this will make for an exciting day for all ages.

Dollywood is always changing and offers something new and exciting each season. Along with thrilling rides including log flumes and rollercoasters, you'll have a day filled with twirls, spins, heights and plunges that will turn you every which way but loose. With thrill rides, water rides, kids rides, attractions and shows for all ages, there's no way to do everything in just one day. Good thing discounts are available for multi-day and season passes.

Ober Gatlinburg is usually thought of for skiing. And it is one of the premier ski facilities in the Smoky Mountains. What you might not realize, however, is that Ober Gatlinburg is open year round. The amusement park at Ober Gatlinburg serves up an Alpine Slide that lets you whisk down the mountainside at your own, controlled speed through hairpin turns and slick straightaways. With a chair lift, mini-golf, bungee jumping and water rides; this is one cool place to hang out even if there is no snow on the ground.

There are so many choices for fun and thrills in the Smokies. With these and many other amusement and theme parks in the area, you'll find your days filled with excitement and your memory packed with fond remembrances of your visit.

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