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From research that I've done in the past, it's been suggested that the aluminum, found in many commercial-brand antipirsirants, is absorbed into the skin, and may contribute to breast cancer and Alzheimer's. Anyway, I used baby powder (had cornstarch in it instead of talc) in place of the arrowroot (I didn't have it), and some almond oil/mango butter to compensate for the lack of shea butter/coconut oil. When Emily asked one of us to write about homemade deodorant, I, having been a make-my-own-deodorant devotee for years, jumped at the assignment. For applicator, I used an empty gel deodorant container: very like a stick deodorant container, but with a little cover with 3 slots on top; plus a lid. If you like lavender, you could try 10 drops of lavender + 5 drops of a citrus oil.

Combine olive oil (or other carrier oil of choice, but I find extra virgin olive oil to work well and I always have it around the house anyway) and castor oil. This is a deodorant only, and it will not keep you from sweating (though it does do a good job of absorbing most of it, and certainly keeps you from stinking). If you fill that silicone (no more hard plastic) with this home deodorant (set in a cup to fill & harden) you can squeeze it up, apply and it goes back in for storage. I've been using UARMSOL deodorant for many years now, even when I sweat, I have no more underarm or armpit odours. Also, the deodorant is on the softer side so I have been keeping it in the fridge.

Luckily, I was able to treat the stains with a combination of white vinegar, baking soda, peroxide and hot water. Yes, it should work to put the mixture in an old deodorant container if you prefer applying it that way, because it does firm up nicely, even without refrigerating. I personally didn't have the detox, but it may have been because I was already using a natural deodorant.

I've been experimenting for some time with various homemade recipes, deciding that the rut had wound down it was time to give my home made scents a try. The other I made for my husband, using shea butter and cocoa butter (both of which must have a higher melting point, as they remain solid at room temp, even here in the sunshine state). Take an empty deodorant container (that you have previously emptied and washed out- if the stuff that's in there is conventional it is probably hard enough that it will come out by simply twisting it until it falls out), and wash it out well. I've noticed the homemade deodorant recipe deodorant I make with Shea butter stains my clothes yellow.

Mary, Tropical Traditions carries a wonderful GOLD-Virgin UNrefined coconut oil and I highly recommend it. They do carry the lower grade refined as well but they are known for the Gold-Virgin Oil which is top of the line. To those of you with a rash start using more raw, organic apple cider vinegar in the shower and before applying deodorant 🂠it helps! I love coconut oil for skin care, and am planning to use a mix similar to this for toothpaste (coconut oil, baking soda and flavoring). If you wait it out a few weeks, it may disappear altogether, as it happened with me. If not, try decreasing the baking soda by 1 Tbsp and replacing with more cornstarch/arrowroot powder. But I will look and see if aluminum is in the baking soda and will get another brand if I can find one without aluminum. Coconut oil has a 76-degree Fahrenheit melting point, which means it turns to liquid in the summer.

Seriously, I'm a little shocked that the simpler deodorant with the least ingredients works better than all the commercial deodorants I've tried. Once all the ingredients were gathered, it took less than 15 minutes to create a cream deodorant that rivaled a natural version I paid a tidy sum for someone else to make for me. Never again with this recipe.

I don't have any substitutions (except if you want to make a totally different deodorant that doesn't contains oils, such as those with witch hazel or magnesium oil) BUT castile soap is a life-saver for removing oil stains. A control group that did not use deodorant regularly was asked to use it for a month. I think it's like any deodorant though, if you roll it up to far it will fall out.

I either travel with the deo in a cooler, upright and in a plastic bag in a side pocket of my luggage, OR I just use my MadeOn lotion bar and a bit of baking soda patted on manually. I followed the deodorant recepie but I instead of 3 tablespoons of baking soda I used 1 and 2 zinc oxide non-nano. I used a similar recipe but added a bit of beeswax and poured the liquid mixture into an empty deoderant tube.

If you don't have zinc ricinoleate, you can most definitely try to make the recipe without it. As I stated earlier, my homemade zinc oxide sunscreen was enough to combat body odors without any. In my quest to find a natural deodorant that would work well for my family, I experimented with 3 slightly different recipes. Some people will take the spray with them in their gym bag for when they go to the gym to work out, and use a solid deodorant at home in the morning before they go to work.

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